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How to check if your valve is vacuum compatible?

There are several applications for vacuum in a host of different industries.

  • In pharmaceutical industries vacuum is often used to pull fluid into a chamber after dropping it to the required vacuum level.

  • Vacuum is used in the robotics industry for different kinds of grippers

  • Vacuum is used in cryogenic applications to reach extremely cold temperatures

Whatever your application may be, Unison’s Ball Valves are time tested in a variety of different applications and are routinely tested in-house to ensure high quality leak tightness against vacuum. Feel free to contact us for any queries regarding your application. Our technical support team will assist you with any questions.

Our in-house infrastructure allows us to not only test our valves routinely but also diagnose issues related to your unique application. Our valves are tested at full vacuum on a routine basis to keep a quality check on their leak rate.

Unison’s Ball Valves are quarter turn valves (0° to 90°) enabling fast actuation which will support your vacuum application. They can operate at negative temperatures. Due to their “through port design”, they offer almost no resistance to flow making ball valves an ideal selection for your application.

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